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Meet the UR-202 PT BLUE unique piece – one of our rarest 202 models. With a deep matte blue that is almost black its so dark, until the case hits direct light and emits a blue hue. The UR-202 is a cosmic voyage for your wrist, and URWERK's audacious leap into uncharted territories of watchmaking. Imagine this timepiece as a symphony of rebellion and innovation, a celestial spacecraft that defies convention and elevates watch design to new heights.

In the UR-202 PT BLUE; marvel at the evolution of satellite complications, where telescopic minutes hands emerge gracefully from three revolving satellites, stealing the spotlight in this celestial performance. These hands, like a choreographed dance, adjust their length precisely to mark the minutes in three distinct sectors: 0-14, 15-44, and 45-60. Extended, they transform the UR-202 PT Blue into a visual masterpiece, displaying time across a large, easy-to-read dial.

Flip the watch over, and be enchanted by two miniature turbines, an ingenious airbrake system rewriting the rules of automatic winding. URWERK introduces three settings to match your rhythm: free, where the rotor spins like a standard automatic watch; sports mode, a gentle cushioning to slow the rotor, preventing wear and tear; and full-stop, turning the UR-202 PT BLUE into a manual wind for those moments demanding extra protection.

This piece is not just a watch; it's a rare gem, a collector's dream. Imagine the UR-202 gracing the wrist of legendary martial arts actor Jackie Chan, who loved it so much that he featured it in his 2012 movie, Zodiac. And from the big screen to the basketball court, the G.O.A.T himself, Michael Jordan, proudly owns several URWERKs, including pieces from UR-202 collection.

Now, let's talk about PT BLUE – Platinum Blue. Why coat platinum and make it blue? The answer is simple, it's about capturing the essence of the cosmos. Most blue watches are associated with lighter materials, but for those who appreciate the substantial weight of precious metals like gold or platinum, we've got something extraordinary. Introducing platinum blue, crafted using a PE-CVD process, giving the watch that deep, cosmic blue hue with the luxurious weight of platinum.

The UR-202 PT BLUE isn't just a timepiece; it's a statement, a rebellion against the ordinary, and a celebration of innovation. Welcome to the future of watchmaking, where URWERK is rewriting the rules one masterpiece at a time, and the UR-202 PT Blue is leading the charge into the cosmic unknown.

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Martin Frei - "In the mesmerizing tapestry of timepieces, the UR-202 Platinum Blue emerges as an embodiment of elegance and innovation. Platinum Blue, the fusion of platinum's weight and a cosmic blue hue creates not just a timepiece, but a wearable masterpiece that transcends time and fashion."

Felix Baumgartner - "A super rare gem in the URWERK collection, the UR-202 is one of our most complicated timepieces. Possibly too ahead of its time when first release, before the age of the world wide web and social media. The 202 has bee na favorite though for collectors who really care about horology and technical advancement. Combining the dark blue with the heavy weight of platinum defies time and captivates with its celestial allure."

URWERKUR-202 BPT: Technical Specifications

Case in:Blue PE-CVD platinum.

Dimensions: 45.6mm x 43.5mm x 15mm; micro-sandblasted; satin finish; back in titanium.

Movement: Calibre UR 7.02; automatic winding with world’s first twin turbine regulation.

Functions: Patented revolving satellite complication with integral telescopic minutes hands; moon phase indicator; day/night indicator.

Dial:ARCAP P40. Carousel mirror-polished by a diamond cutter. Super LumiNova treatment on hours and minutes markers.

Indications:Dial featuring: hours and minutes; moon-phase indication; day/ night indicator.

 Condition Rating UR-1: As new, no or very few signs of wear, the movement is serviced and in working condition.

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