Sell Your URWERK

Want to sell your existing URWERK timepiece? With peace of mind and help from the brand itself, rather than having to sell through unofficial dealers, or online platforms that don't care about you or your watches value? It couldn’t be more simple and straightforward. We can list your URWERK on our certified Pre-Owned Collection.  


  1. Fill out the form below
  2. If your URWERK meets our requirements we will email you the estimate valuation.
  3. if you agree with the valuation, send the watch (at your cost) to our Geneva office, and we will take it on consignment.
  4. Our watchmakers will then give your timepiece a full inspection. 
  5. We will then send you a final sale price breakdown we can list your watch on our Pre Owned site. This will include a refurbishment cost to meet URWERK’s Pre-Owned standards including a new strap and 24 month warranty. Plus our fee, which will be deducted upon sale of your watch.

  6. Once the refurbishment has taken place your watch will be photographed and listed on the Pre-Owned collection.
  7. Once sold and in the hands of the new owner, we will then wire the sale value minus our fees.

*Please Note: In the event the watch has not sold in a six month period we will return the watch to you with a reduced charge to cover the refurbishment cost and new strap. So at least you get your watch back in a great condition and 24 month warranty.

To be considered for the URWERK Pre-Owned listing your watch must comply to a few rules.