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Our Endgame!

An email out of the blue from Marvel at first was thought of as a joke, then it was followed with phone calls requesting a URWERK watch to be used in a Marvel Studios movie. At URWERK we have never engaged in paid-for exposure with celebrities or "ambassadors" so the answer was an abrupt no!

But then something amazing happened, a call explaining that Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr had seen a URWERK watch and believed that this is the watch, Tony Stark would actually wear. We agree he is our kind of crazy. So unlike most watch companies, URWERK did not pay to be featured in any Marvel movie, in fact, the relationship was totally organic from RDJ's appreciation of URWERK and our love of the character of Tony Stark.

Our first movie star was the UR-110 RG which featured in Spiderman Homecoming. Our natural relationship with Robert continued in Avengers Endgame where the UR-105 CT Iron made a cameo. Again at the Avengers Endgame premier URWERK had a starring role where RDJ chose to wear a UR-111C Black to both the premiers on the East and West coast. All three of these watches were later auctioned for charity with proceeds going to Random Act Funding, a charitable organisation founded by Susan and Robert Downey Jr.

Now we reach our Endgame, the UR-105 TA "Raging Gold.” This is the watch RDJ had with him throughout the production of the Avengers Endgame movie, as his personal watch. Our very own head of Communications Yacine Sar flew out to a film set in Boston, It was here during pre-production of Avengers Endgame that Robert was presented with his UR-105 TA "Raging Gold.”

Giving Back

Now we have decided to put this special UR-105 TA RG watch in URWERK's history up for an online auction, via our official URWWERK e-shop. The auction proceeds will be split between the Radamon Act Funding charity. And with the support of our retail partner ETHOS an NGO Covid relief charity in India. Our second watch to support the fight against Covid-19. Our first being the UR-100 GE C-19 which sold for 96,500 CHF last year.

From the official URWERK e-shop you can register an account and bid online for this special timepiece. With a unique RDJ engraving on the case to signify the watch that RDJ wore. The auction will go live on June 21st at 4pm (GMT+2) until 23rd at 4pm (GMT+2). You can bid live online, and set your maximum bid for automatic bidding so you don't miss out!

Armed with a  shield of red gold carved in an intriguing pattern serves as the bezel on a titanium case.

Technically, the UR-105 works on the fundamental concept of Urwerk’s watchmaking, the wandering hour principle, in which each hour travels in turn across a 60-minute arc. This ancient and more intuitive way of telling the time is made easier by a mask made of PEEK, a semi-crystalline polymer, which hides the hours that have completed their 60-minute patrol. The mask is also superbly decorated in proper traditional style.

On the back of the UR-105, turbines control the self-winding system. Switch the lever to FULL and the winding rotor reacts to your slightest movement to wind the mainspring. In the RED (reduced) position, the rotor’s movements are dampened to avoid excessive tension in the mainspring. In the STOP position, the self-winding mechanism is disengaged and the watch can be wound manually with the crown.

Now is your chance to join the fight!

You now have a chance to own a piece of our history, and help give back in the fight against Covid-19 in India which at the moment is in desperate need of help. So please we invite you to take part and bid responsibly. 

Please remember to be able to bid you need to create an account first. Email updates will be sent to you during the auction, to let you know if you have been outbid. You can also set up automatic bidding by choosing your highest bid amount.

Personally we would also like to acknowledge Mr Jimmy Rich who sadly passed away recently. Jimmy was Robert's friend and colleague, and who actually took the first photograph of Robert wearing the UR-105 TA RG pictured with our Communications manager Yacine.

Creators Thoughts:

Martin Frei - “There’s always this little inner voice that reminds me how much I love this (gold) metal. Beyond the march of technology, changes in fashion, new functions, new materials; gold is always gold. It’s forever. It’s the metal that lights me up.”

Felix Baumgartner - " Once again, we try to engage all your senses. Our UR-105 “Raging Gold” should not only be a pleasure to look at, but a pleasure to touch. The lines and the texture of the case go back to classic principles. The pattern derives from the hobnail motif "Clou de Paris" that was popular in high-class watches. It's a little bit like my "Madeleine de Proust". Embed this little touch of history in a disruptive model gets me a thrill from bringing a conservative style to a revolutionary watch.” 

SOLD FOR 85,000 CHF.

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